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At Dp Derm, our mission is to enable practitioner to deliver the best possible treatment outcomes for their clients, all the while supporting them with proven protocol-based products that work.

As the North America distributor of Dp Dermaceuticals, we give practitioners in the US and Canada access to some of the most effective and versatile protocols for microneedling available on the market today, enabling them to create a complete client journey, that is sure to deliver results that are both exceptional and long-lasting. 

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Reviews & Testimonials

"I have had five 3MD treatments and I am shocked at the results it has produced. My acne scarring was very deep and pitted prior to the treatment and over the course of the treatments it has become so smooth and less visible. I have tried a few different lasers including Fraxel and derma roller but nothing has compared to the results I get in a single treatment with this device. Microneedling has given me more plump, smooth skin and even removed fine lines I used to have on my forehead.  I love ese results!" - Rating 5/ 5

Alana R.

"I had this treatment done last week and it was great!! Very minimal pain and discomfort. My skin felt incredible after, it looked and felt tighter and the tone was noticeably more even all over. I love how, depending on your skin concerns, you can put specific serums on and the pen penetrates the product into different layers of the epidermis and dermis getting the ultimate efficacy of the product. Loved it!! Cant wait for my next treatment!"- Rating 5/ 5

Amelia M.

“The 3MD is great! It didn’t hurt at all and I could go back to work without an embarrassing red face. My skin felt so soft and fresh the next day. I’m excited to now see my wrinkles start to fade away.” - Rating 5/ 5

Casey S.

“The doctor explained that I wouldn’t see immediate results, but he seemed so confident that I would see them within six months or so. I had taken pictures before the treatment, after the treatment and now, six months later, I have taken another picture, to compare them all. The results were much better than I could have ever imagined. The deepest scars are barely shadows now thanks to this treatment and I am scheduled to go in and have my upper thighs done next week. That way I’ll be ready when summer comes next year. Thank you DP Derm!”- Rating 5/ 5

JoAnn G.

“I was so happy with my first 3MD treatment. Immediately my skin was significantly softer and two days later I felt like my skin was glowing. I went out without foundation because I didn’t feel like I needed it! I would definitely get a needling treatment again and look forward to the results after multiple treatments!”- Rating 5/ 5

Kathryn S.

“The redness went away in a few days and I was pleased with the results, as there appears to be improvement in the lines around my eyes.”- Rating 5/ 5

Leslie S

“I have absolutely loved my experience with 3MD needling so far. I have looked forward to every treatment. One of the things I have loved most about 3MD is that I have been able see results right away. Having had quite a few other treatments before this to treat my Acne scars, I really felt that this treatment made a lot of sense and I loved the results. One of the other things I have appreciated about this treatment is the recovery time. I am able to go to work and live my everyday lifestyle without feeling or looking any different. 3MD needling is a practical, painless and a sensible treatment option. I would recommend it to anyone.”- Rating 5/ 5

Mallory M.

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