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The Official Online 3MD Needling Training Course is finally here! You now have the opportunity to learn about our devices, performing treatments, the history of needling, skin structure, treatment protocols, and much, much more, all in the comfort of your own home or office. Gone are the high costs of attending far away training seminars, now is the age of effective, affordable, convenient training on your own terms.

The Course can be purchased directly from this page by clicking the button above. You will be taken to the shopping cart, where your purchase will be processed. After your purchase is complete, you will receive an email containing instructions, as well as your login credentials and a link to the Training Course. After that, all you have to do is simply follow the link! Please allow 24 hours for the link to be generated and emailed to you. The training certificate upon completion of the course will be issued in your name as well. If someone other than yourself will be taking the course on behalf of your clinic, please let us know prior to completing the purchase by contacting If you would like to sign up additional individuals to take the course, please also contact

Completing the training course earns you and your clinic a Certificate of Completion, which you are able to display proudly for as long as you carry one of our micro-needling devices.

Everything You Need to Know About Dp Derm Online Certification

  • Does completing the Online Course certify me as a Certified practitioner, or the clinic I operate from as a Certified Clinic?

    The Certificate will be issued in the name of the technician completing the course, and will credit that person as a Certified Practitioner. However, only registered users with a valid 3MD or 3Pro device serial number have access to the Certification Course. It is then up to the registered user to decide who gets certified.

  • What do I need to do to prepare? And what if I do not pass?

    Many of the answers to the questions in the certification exam are found here on our website, but even more useful information is contained within out official protocol book, Advanced Skin Innovations, available in most countries. Do not worry if you do not pass the course the first time, because you do get a second (and third!) chance to pass just in case you get one too many answers wrong. After completing each section, you will be able to see extended explanations for each answer to help you further understand the concepts covered. We highly recommend going over the solutions even if you ace the entire test. You never know, you may learn something new and interesting!

  • How much does it cost and how long does the certification last?

    The Certification Course costs $195US per technician, and the certificate is good for one year. If you have already completed the Online DpDerm Certification course once, you do not need to complete it again. Each year you will have the opportunity to renew your Certificate for an administrative fee of $20US. Contact us if you wish to enquire about certification.

  • Wait wait wait…. But why does my certificate even have an expiration date?

    Protection! Protection for you, the practitioner, as well as for us. As the leaders in the international micro-needling market, we have to take it with a grain of salt that other companies and other clinics may try benefit from our success and promote themselves as having a genuine device when they in fact do not. By choosing to work with us you also stand behind our product, and we thank you for that. Yearly certificate renewal allows us to keep track of Genuine users though out the world, helping us to protect the investment you have made into our company. Retaining your Certification up to date will also give you access to exciting education features we will be bringing out in the near future, so stay tuned!

  • What if I let my certificate expire, what do I do?

    We do try to send certification extension reminders to avoid this, but sometimes things do happen. We leave you with a three month window after your certificate has expired to extend your certification. If you amend the situation within that time period, your certification also will NOT show a gap, and your new certificate will read: ”Certified Microneedling Practitioner from [date of original certification] to [extended expiration date]”.

  • I am a technician, and I have just left the clinic where I got certified. Is my certificate valid at the new clinic?

    The first question to ask is - does your new clinic have a Genuine DpDerm Product?

    • If not, the certificate cannot be used, as it would falsely imply that DpDerm Treatments are being performed there, when they are not.
    • If your new clinic does have a Genuine DpDerm Product and you can provide proof that you purchased your original certification with your own funds (as opposed to your previous employer’s), we can provide you with a new certificate that will reflect the expiration date of your original certificate. The new certificate will have to be under the new clinic’s name and will incur a $20US administrative fee. If the original certification was purchased by your previous employer, it unfortunately cannot be transferred, and you will have to re-certify.


USD $ 195


Contact us if you wish to enquire about certification.

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